Treatment of rosacea , spider veins and varicose veins with vascular laser

The vasodilation are one common problem in our society . The most common is to be aesthetics problem, but can be a sign of skin diseases such as rosacea or lupus erythematosus. A first right diagnostic allows discard associated diseases and to perform the right prescribed treatment. The use vascular laser will be able to resolve the  problem, clearing out  possible injuries. For more information about this diseases, and the treatment using vascular laser, we have hold a meeting with Dr. Albert Mas Vidal, member of Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venerealogy, that is working closely to  Alxen Clinic.


There are a lot of variety of  skin disease that manifest as vascular injuries in the face. Definitely the most consulted by our patiens is cuperosis. It´s a chronic disease with unknouwn cause. It have 3 phases, the first can be manifest about 20-30 years in patients that suffer facial flushing for environmental agents that causes permanent symptoms composed by telangiectasias. If the disease progresses, can be manifest similar to acne problems. Vascular laser is the definitive system indicated to erase telangiectasias. This treatment is the most indicated for our patients. It has anti-inflammatory effects that avoid advanced stage of the disease. It´s important a right diagnostic by dermatology specialists because there are similar diseases as colagenopatologys.


Dilated veins in legs is common called varicoise veins. Varicose veins must be assessed by a vascular surgeon and diagnostic tests to be performed at its discretion as ecodopler. Leg vasodilation could cause small varicose veins. This kind of injuries where vascular laser is not useful. It is in this type of injury where the vascular laser can help us achieve the elimination thereof. Not all lesions respond to this treatment so it is important the initial assessment to establish which is the most appropriate treatment in each case.


Ruby angiomas, hemangiomas, arteriovenous malformations, capillary malformations, venous malformations or Angiokeratomas are amenable to treatment with vascular laser. The results are excellent if proper technique is applied in expert hands. Depending on the type of injury are necessary one or more sessions.