Clinica Alxen’s modern facilities would like to convey our determination to provide our patients with personalized care, with total quality and full transparency, with all respect and support patients need, with our best professional efforts to provide medical services that can achieve excellence. The building features intelligent engineering to ensure maximized energy savings and to contribute to environmental care.
The clinic was built on a rectangular 2,486 sq m plot of land, and has a floor area of ​​1,500 square meters.

Location and clinical resources

    • Doctors’ offices: 1
    • Treatment rooms: 3
    • Waiting rooms: 4
    • Radiology rooms: 4
    • Pre-surgical room: 4
    • Operating room: 1
    • Antepartum room: 1
    • Andrology Laboratory: 1
    • IVF/ICSI Laboratory: 1

    • Basement: 700 square meters.
    • First floor: 500 metros cuadrados
    • Second floor: 300 square meters (currently not ready for use).
    • Parking lot: 1.000 square meters.

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  • Emergency

    If you need a doctor urgently outside clinic hours, call for an appointment to the emergency.
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  • Opening Hours

    • Monday - Friday
      8.00 - 21.30