Friendly service and the professionalism of all the staff that makes up the team at our center aiming to offer excellent health care so that all our patients feel well cared for.

Clinica Alxen is the result of the efforts of Centro Ginecológico Riojano, a reference in women’s health care in the north of Spain, to expand its facilities in order to provide the best health services in the field of gynecology.

Our new premises are located in a modern new building designed to provide our patients with quality healthcare services with the latest in facilities, appliances and treatments provided by a medical team of experienced professionals.

From this basis, the Clínica Alxen “idea” has grown and expanded thanks to other professionals who complete a broad range of medical services. They add a valuable contribution to a truly multidisciplinary team that provides solutions in the fields of gynecology, obstetrics or assisted reproduction as well as in cosmetic surgery, pediatrics, nutrition, psychiatry and more to reach a total number of 33 different specialists.

Clínica Alxen is determined to continue growing in order to offer more and more complete medical services.

Clínica Alxen’s modern facilities have been designed and built in order to provide our patients with personalized care, with total quality and full transparency, with all respect and support patients need, with our best professional efforts to provide medical services that can achieve excellence.